Monday, July 26, 2010

Sisters, Sisters...

There were never such devoted sisters...

or so the song goes. I am very devoted to my sister. My therapist would say we have made a triangle of villain, victim, hero, and that isn't allowing us to be who we truly are. After trying for a bit to step away from those roles I think I have learned to say, "what the hell?" This is how it's been. This is how we are. We both take turns in each of those roles. Possibly a crutch for each other when things are at the worst (or seem at the worst after a long child tantrum day). But why the hell not?

I am very devoted to my sister. So much in fact I would once again ignore the advice of my therapist and would rush to be the hero in her last saga. Rushing off to do in the villain who slandered her. The bastard. Of course this means a trip to Germany...oh the things I do for her.

I lovingly say that my sister can be over-dramatic, over-think some situations, over-react to certain things...but seriously, we all do that at certain points.  I will defend my sisters honor and say she knows when to keep her mouth shut, she speaks her mind, she knows when to stand up for what is right.  I am aghast at what this person has implied about my sister.  For the record, I am the only person who is allowed to be that mean to my sister (it's in my sister contract that I was born with). 

I truly do not care what has happened to this person.  If life has been so shitty that the need to abuse someone on another continent is necessary, then that person truly needs to seek help and fix what is wrong.  Yes, that is my opinion.  Guess what? People are allowed their opinions and do not deserve to be verbally abused for them.  (Okay, I know this leads to tons of opinion arguments, but for the sake of this sister defense let it go.) 

I am very devoted to my sister.  My sister is very devoted to me.  Villain. Victim. Hero.  Say what you will about our co-dependent, zoloft dependent, crazy crutch relationship, I hope my daughters will be as devoted and as supportive to each other as my sister and I are. 


  1. Thanks, Kiki. I've got your back, too. Well, after I have a margarita or three.

  2. I don't know the context...but whoever said bad things about Aerin, obviously doesn't know her enough.

    I've always liked to being helped and feel needed by my brother too. Your therapist doesn't know a thing. I wish that my brother and I land up living close enough and remain as supportive as you both have been.