Tuesday, November 3, 2009

25 Things

1. I’d rather figure out how to solve other people’s problems rather than my own. If it were possible I’d fix everything for all my friends.
2. Twins run in my family, which we didn’t know until I found out I was pregnant with them.
3. I love Remington Steele. I have all 5 seasons and the girls will watch it with me. At the end of the credits there is a cat in a Sherlock Holmes hat that meows…the girls love it!
4. I have never been to a concert because they are too crowded and I get panic attacks.
5. My mom picked out my name: Katharine after Katharine Hepburn and Marie was always one of her favorites. That my biological father had nothing to do with my name makes me happy.
6. Besides my husband I have only dated one other person (which lasted 6 months my junior year in high school). Michael and I have been together almost 15 years (over ½ of my brother’s lives!)
7. Since I had the girls I can tolerate having blood drawn and getting shots, but I hate needles. However, I do have 4 tattoos (more to come) and have no problem with a tattoo needle.
8. I live across the street from my sister and her family. For the most part this is a wonderful thing for our families. The cousins’ love being near each other and I love having an adult to talk to. Guess I’d have to say my sis is probably my best friend…shhh…don’t tell her.
9. I very much want to travel to Egypt. Have no idea why…just wanted to for awhile now. At this point though, I’d settle for traveling anywhere!
10. In elementary and middle school I would come home and watch Guiding Light with my mom (is Reba dead yet? Or again?). In high school the soap was Santa Barbara. When that was canceled I didn’t pick up another soap addiction.
11. When I was 4 dad had a business trip in London so he took mom, Aerin and me. The most vivid memory I have is the carpet at the hotels. There are other snippets…gardens, castles, got a pair of boots…but carpet is the main memory. Oh that and at tea time we’d get 3 teas and 1 coffee…the coffee was for me!
12. That being said…I love coffee. Vanilla-hazelnut from Einstein Brothers is brilliant. At least a cup every morning. My papa always said drinking coffee would make me short. So since I am an inch taller than my hubby it’s a good thing I drank it or I’d be way taller!
13. My favorite movie is Disney’s Robin Hood. There are others but that tops the list.
14. This past October I finally finished my Bachelor degree in Applied Psychology. After high school wasn’t sure what area I wanted to study and then was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and a Panic Disorder. Halt on school. I was almost finished when we found out I was having twins. Another halt. So this summer and a bit of fall finished my last bit. Yay!
15. I love doing research. I spent a few semesters helping a professor research BDSM for a book. Along with online/book research I learned to score and assess MMPI tests and IQ tests. Very interesting.
16. For the first part of 7th grade we lived in Smyrna, Tennessee. Yikes. Teachers and students didn’t understand us because of our northern accent and we had a hard time deciphering words with their southern accent.
17. Wassily Kandinsky is my favorite artist. I very much appreciate anyone who brings art into the world. I love art museums and all types of styles, but Kandinsky is tops for me.
18. The only books I tend to buy are Agatha Christie and Stephanie Barron. I will (and am happy to) read a variety of books that people suggest, but will borrow them. I am always hesitant to buy a book ‘cause if I don’t like it I still have it. But I know Barron and Christie are always great for me and I’ll read ‘em again and again.
19. When I was in elementary school I tried soccer. I was the only girl on my team and none of the boys would pass the ball to me. I quit.
20. In fifth grade I played drums in the school band.
21. I love A.A. Milne and classic Winnie-the-Pooh. In high school I collected tons of pooh (classic and Disney) items. One college class was Children’s Literature. Huge project on Milne. The girls now love all the pooh items.
22. My girls have taken up a few of my childhood actions. The sweet ones being playing with their little people, Barbies, or baby dolls and singing their actions. Dad says I used to make up songs that my babies would sing to each other instead of talking to each other. The frustrating one is separation issues. An issue being worked on.
23. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I graduated high school. I was 17 ½ and my grandpa taught me to drive because my family had moved to Colorado. I failed once because of parallel parking (which I don’t do to this day). In Colorado they don’t have that on the test…lucky them.
24. I have started quilting…with the machine. My mother says I must specify because I shouldn’t be misleading. Thank you to all my friends who’ve had babies (and congrats)! Lots of practice for me. I am trying to start working with different patterns and, to make mum happy, some by hand.
25. I started kindergarten when I was 4, so have always been the youngest in my class…until high school then there were 2 younger than me.
26. I am very much an introvert and love recharging by myself…quilting, scrapbooking, reading, computer time. Compared to Michael, though, I am more extroverted.
27. Besides being a mommy, I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up.

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