Saturday, July 4, 2009

Whatever Souls Are Made Of...

Tots were painting the other day. Tot 2 said her picture was for Granpa Great. Tot 1 said hers was for Gramma Great. Yeah…I had to leave the room to cry. They know Gramma Great through photos and stories. Who knows…maybe she has come to meet them. Either way, I like to think she watches over us. I know she is pleased that we are taking good care of Granpa Great.

Going to bed I, of course, began to think of my Grandma. She is the first grandparent I have lost. As with most grandmother/granddaughter relationships we did not always see eye to eye. However, as my tots have grown I have noticed certain areas that I have very similar views as Grandma did. I have had frequent dreams about odd things and in the mist of all craziness Grandma would come to my dream and ask how I was doing. I'd answer, she'd smile, then leave. She comes to check on me. Thinking of this as I attempted to fall asleep I began to think of how time worked. This is what I came up with:

How do we know
Where we’re to go
At the end of it all?

Does time make a line?
So straightforward is mine?
A course set straight.

Perhaps time is square
Take the corners with care
Less they prick on a turn

Is a triangle the shape of time?
Like the Trinity…strike a chime?
No, Holy can have that shape.

Circle, continual, round
Our paths crisscross, I have found,
With those of the past.

No one forgets,
No one forgotten
All here…spiraling on.


  1. Hi Kiki,

    I'm a friend of Aerin's and I have "met" you in that friendly cyber way over on In Search Of Giants. I just wanted to leave a little note to say Hi and also to say that I was very touched by the sentiments in your poem. I have often pondered on the inter-connectedness if things and have come to the conclusion that the maps of our lives are so complex, so completely intricate that their pattern is too mysterious to visualise. I love the image of the spiral. I can relate to the feeling of coils of connections keeping loved one always in our lives by reaching forward and backward in time. Beautiful.

  2. Hi,

    I had always assumed time to be like a fractal. It can always be broken down to an identical element till infinity.

    I was very fond of my grandpa too. Still am. And it was the worst time when we lost him. Our gradma lives with us and she dotes me and bro. like anything.

    This is a very beautiful dedication that you have written. One can easily tell that it comes straight from the heart.

    You should read this post by Sarah too. I remembered it cause I could connect on it on so many levels. Just like your poem.