Friday, April 17, 2009

Careful the things you say…

Tot 1 has been listening to mama. Over the past few weeks she has been using the phrase “damn it.” First time she was trying to put Toby (her dentist monkey) away in his box. Apparently he didn’t want to go. Toby wasn’t cooperating, so this soft little voice muttered “Dammit! Tome on!” At first I wasn’t sure what I heard from across the room, so I waited. Heard a mutter again. I can see she’s getting frustrated. She finally looks up and says, “Dammit mama! Help!”
The next time she was washing her face and water sloshed onto the floor. “Dammit. I got it…dammit!”
A few days ago she had set her blocks as a path through the living room. She tip-toed/danced across each one singing: “dammit! dammit!” with a huge smile on her face. This one I did step in and say that we shouldn’t use that word. “Oh, otay mum.” She smiled and danced away.
She’s just too damn cute.

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