Friday, April 17, 2009

My Peace

There I stood. On the rocks. Looking west. Wondering. Wondering what had drawn me to this place. Why had I responded so vividly to a dream? A dream that I can recall at will, but do not understand. A dream that called me to the sea. It offered what I sought. Peace. Comfort. But how? That it did not show me. As I woke I knew I needed to find that view of the sea. If I could…no, when I did I would find the way to calm my nightmares.
I found it. After months of traveling the coast I found what called to me in my dreams. The rocks. Waves beating a rhythm that match my heart. Here was my place. My Peace. So I thought. I stood waiting. Waiting for the gulls to cry, “Here! Here is what will comfort you.” Not a shrill gull cry did I hear. Nor did the beat of the waves give me a clue. Waves no longer matched my heart for now it was pounding with furry. “Why?” I yelled to the vastness of the sea. And still nothing answered. So here I stand. On my rocks. Looking west. Wondering. Wondering how my peace became my tormentor.

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