Friday, April 17, 2009


Nothing warms my heart as much as the tots sitting next to each other, curled under blankets and reading stories to each other. They will take turns “reading” one of their favorite books. Currently Little Quack, Little Critter, Little Miss Spider (wow, lots of littles!), How do Dinosaurs, and a few night time regulars “Grandfather Twilight,” “Sleepyhead,” and I can’t think of the others! “Bye, Bye Mom and Dad” by Mercer Mayer has become one of the top 5 for them. They are getting to the point they can recite it. It’s great! They will also go through pages and find letters in their names. We have been using books to help with the idea of staying with grandparents and not mama and dada, going to the dentist and doctor, playgroups with friends, how to share. The sharing is still an in process learning idea, but the others seem to click. For their first dentist appointment they took their Little Critter book. I have worked with children for years and know books are very helpful in teaching young ones daily things (repeat, repeat, repeat), but it so much different to watch the change in your own children.


  1. Hey punkin - my pal Cindy's book releases tomorrow, and my other pal Ello's holding a contest:

  2. hi aerin's wee sis... and fellow HORSE! ;)

    i agree, books were critical for my three as well, and both girls still read... the boy, not so much, he's more into videogames

  3. love that... my three did exactly the same when they were young :)