Friday, April 17, 2009


We’ve tried to have school sessions. Think it lasted maybe a week. We’d sit down and work on colors, numbers, and letters. Tots 1 and 2 started walking around with stacks of paper saying it was their homework. They’d rifle through their piles until they found the correct assignment (assignment one gave to the other), then sigh and sit at their table and color in circles (or whatever the task). Dada came home from job hunting and asked tots for a hug. They slap their hand to their forehead, as though deep in thought, and finally sigh, “Dada, we’s doing homework. Goes way.”

Although school sessions have ceased, the idea of homework has stayed. Tots will walk around with notepads and pencils and jot notes. They are very good with the letters of their names. They’ll plop on the floor or at their table and put heads in their hands and sigh (they are very good with the sighs). “Oh mummy. Hard work!”
Bug and Tot 2 are sitting at the table with their homework. Practicing circles and lines. Tot 2 is working on her name. “Oh Kiks,” says Bug. “I all done. Nuff shapes.”

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